Elegant bag with basket stitch by Helena Caldas


Helena Caldas has made this beautiful t-shirt yarn bag and -as she always does- she is kind enough to show us the basket stitch she used step by step so that we can reproduce it. The bag, in a beautiful color of t-shirt yarn (salmon) is woven with a row of single crochets and single crochets (sc) taking the stitch from the previous row. The final result is a textured fabric that gives a beautiful and original appearance to the recycled fabric bag.

Basket stitch

Here we have a step by step of the basket stitch. The technique consists of alternately performing single crochets (sc) and single crochets taking the stitch from the previous row as shown in this image:


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In this way we’ll work the beginning of the bag: 15 ch, sc all the way around to make the base in which we make 3 sc in each corner chain to go around. Then we go up with sc and make the basket stitch until we achieve the desired height. The handles are knitted with ch and sc.

Nothing simpler and the result -as we see- is beautiful.

To see more instructions for this bag, go to Helena’s blog by clicking on this link.

Thanks Helena for sharing this beautiful handcrafted creation!


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