Easy T-shirt yarn crafts: Coasters


T-shirt yarn is a very noble material that allows you to make countless manual projects with which you can create decorative and functional objects. Today we are going to share a simple craft for you to make: coasters with recycled fabric in an easy and fast way.

Easy T-shirt yarn crafts: Coasters


  • T-shirt yarn.
  • Scissors.
  • Needle.
  • Thread.

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Step by step:

To make t-shirt yarn coasters easily, you just have to:

1) Make braids with the strips of fabric.

2) Take the braids and place them next to each other, creating circles.


As you build the circle, make a few stitches with the thread to join the braids. You can make coasters of different sizes just by adding more rows of braids.

The advantage of these coasters is that you can wash them whenever you want. You can also combine colors to create coasters with festive motifs (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.).


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