Easy seamless T-Shirt yarn necklace


This craft is really easy to make and will look spectacular on your neck. If you have a shirt that you can no longer wear because it has a small stain then you can turn it into a beautiful necklace.

Easy seamless T-shirt yarn necklace

All you need is a cotton t-shirt and a pair of sharp scissors. Lay the shirt on a flat surface and begin by cutting and discarding the hem.


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Starting at the bottom of the shirt cut 1-inch strips, you can vary the width of the strips based on the thickness of the necklace you want.


Spread the strips you just made so that they wrap around themselves into long tubes.


Fold each tube by matching the seams at one end.


If a strip breaks at the seam while it’s stretching, just tie a simple knot and trim the excess.

Group all the tubes by size, keeping the seams together at one end.


I have used a women’s t-shirt so the tapered fit resulted in a large variation in tube sizes. If you are wearing a men’s t-shirt, you can cut the tubes into various sizes and tie them together again as shown above.

Collect them all, with the longest tubes at the bottom and the shortest tubes at the top, but save one!


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Cut the tube you saved in half to make it a long strip. Tie the thread in a knot near one end of the seam section. Wrap the drawstring around all the seams to cover them.

When everything is covered, tie the other end of the rope with a knot and the necklace is ready to be used!


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