Easy idea to decorate a cushion with t-shirt yarn


If you have a worn-out cushion or one that you no longer like, you can give it a new life by decorating it with fabric. In our Blog we´ve already given you several ideas to make and/or decorate pillows so you can include the technique that we are going to teach you today to the long list of projects that we have shred with you previously. Likewise, you can use this idea to decorate any other object that you want to renovate in your home.

Decorate a cushion with t-shirt yarn

You´ll need:

  • T-shirt yarn.
    Glue for fabric.



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How to decorate a cushion with t-shirt yarn?

To decorate a cushion you´ll need to make flowers wrapped in fabric. This is very easy, just cut a strip of fabric (the length of the strip will depend on the desired size for the flower) and start rolling it from the center out. Try to secure each round with a stitch or fabric glue.


Make flowers of various sizes to create an interesting effect on the cushion, this will also give it a beautiful texture.

Once you have the necessary amount of flowers to decorate the cushion, start gluing or sewing them on the front of the cushion. The arrangement of the flowers will depend on your tastes.


Go ahead and decorate your cushions with this simple technique used by wmcraftgoodies to decorate the cushion in the cover photo. Combine colors and different shapes of flowers to have a different cushion in each corner of your home. is a web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

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