Easy and original jewelry made with t-shirt yarn


This model of pendant with clasps is undoubtedly an original idea for making jewelry with t-shirt yarn, but it’s not the only one, because with t-shirt yarn you can make modern accessories with great style that are very easy to reproduce. Today you’ll see inspiring ideas to create simple, original and very modern jewelry with t-shirt yarn.

Ideas of jewelry with t-shirt yarn


If you have the appropriate hooks and pieces of jewelry, you can make precious t-shirt yarn earrings like this blue model made with scraps of fabric.

It’s a good idea to add other recycled materials to the creations with t-shirt yarn such as cans rings. This is called ecological jewelry: made with 2 waste materials like cloth surplus and rings of soda cans.


Bracelets with braids of 4 strings are quite simple to make and they look very nice. You can learn how to make them in this article: 4 strips braided keychain


Add chains and other pieces of jewelry to make a t-shirt yarn decorated bracelet.


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This is another beautiful model, original and very easy to make. You just have to wrap the t-shirt yarn in your fingers, make rings and connect them with simple knots. The result is a very modern and ingenious fabric scarf.


Another easy-to-follow t-shirt yarn necklace that looks fabulous is this model made with several strands forming a braid. Cute, easy, simple and original, perfect for wearing casual outfits…


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