Dyeing effects for fabric


One of the benefits of using fabric for crafting is that you can change its appearance just by dyeing it, then you can use this modified piece in any of your projects. To give your work with recycled fabric a little bit of variety, today we’re going to show you some dyeing effects that you can apply to your fabrics.

Dye effects

In each image you’ll see how the dye effect looks, for this, each one of them will be described associated with the number of the image.

Effect 1: This technique can be used to achieve many effects since you can use the figure of your liking. Fold the fabric in half and draw the shapes you want to achieve with a pencil or chalk and sew around the shapes, then pull the thread as tight as possible before binding it off.

Effect 2: Tie stones on the fabric to create the circles. As an alternative to achieve greater or lesser effects you can use coins, chickpeas, rice or even shells. Use elastic bands or threads to secure them.

Effect 3: Make random points on the fabric with pencil or chalk, using these points as a guide tie a knot with an elastic band.

Effect 4: Wrinkle the fabric in your hand and make a ball, fixing it with thread. If you’re using multiple colors, crumple the fabric in different places for a random effect.


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Effect 5: Gather the fabric in regular folds like an accordion and tie it tightly at regular intervals using cord or elastic bands.

Effect 6: Place a stone in the center of the fabric, fix it with thread in a criss-cross pattern. Then place bands across the fabric at intervals for a circular ripple effect.

Effect 7: Tie a piece of fabric with equally spaced knots along it.

Effect 8: Turn the fabric tightly so that it rolls up on itself. Loop at the ends and at intervals across the fabric.


Are you going to make some of these fabric dyeing effects?

Which one do you like the most?

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