DIY: models of recycled fabric necklaces

DIY models of recycled fabric necklaces

Get inspired to make T-shirt yarn necklaces looking at the models we are going to share with you today. These designs allow you to know the possible uses for recycled fabric and give you the opportunity to create your own model, because you can adapt the original ideas to your likings.

Recycled fabric necklaces


In this blog you have seen a variety of fabric necklaces models and some pattern to make them. Today, we are going to show you different designs to teach you some new ideas to work with fabric strips.

You can find the instructions to make these models in craftsnob




If you like long necklaces,. You can get inspirations from mirpiar’s designs.



You can find a variety of necklaces with knots and braids, as you can see in Elegant and simple knot necklaces, also, you can check other models in livemaster




Tiltallti offers us this beautiful scarf-necklace.


This necklace made with rolled fabric strips is an idea from foltbolt

I hope these models inspire you to work with recycled fabric. If you want to learn some tips of how to make necklaces, just check: How to weave a necklace with your fingers: step by step and T-shirt yarn jewelry with fabric flowers

Source: craftsnob, mirpiar, livemaster, tiltallti, foltbolt


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