Details to make T-shirt yarn sandals

Details to make T-shirt yarn sandals

These artisanal sandals are made with an ancient oriental technique that was used to make sandals with natural materials such as hemp, but today we are using a new and cheap material: fabric strips or recycled fabric.

In previous articles we shared the technique to make T-shirt yarn sandals, but now we are going to show you some details you can add to give them a good finished look and the ways you can make the upper part of the sandal.

How to make Chinese sandals

If you haven’t seen the tutorial on how to make sandals, I recommend you first see “Recycled fabric sandals: step by step” and then continue with this article.

Here you have one technique to add the upper part of the sandal just using one fabric strip.


Also, you can sew the fabric strip making a “T” form.


Another way to finish a T-shirt yarn sandal is to make an eyelet or loop under the sole to pass the lateral fabric strips through it.


If you want to use T-shirt yarn braids you can achieve a better result.

This is the procedure for passing the braid through a lace, and another different way: sewing a strip to make an “X” form.



This is a complete procedure to make the upper part of a T-shirt yarn sandal.


To make the sole you have to keep straight the fabric strips and there are several ways to do it, you can find one of these in the tutorial “Recycled fabric sandals: step by step” and another way is shown in this step by step:

If you want to see other techniques of making T-shirt yarn sandals, you must see “Cute T-shirt yarn shoes: comfortable and easy

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