Decorations for Christmas made with recycled fabric


Christmas is coming and for many of us it’s a special day. There are those who believe that the Christmas’ spirit should prevail throughout the year -and I agree- but what other day of the year do we meet with family and friends to celebrate, long for loved ones who are far away and hope that everyone can celebrate Christmas with joy?

Personally, Christmas is an important date for me and giving gifts is more than a material exchange. Who does not like to receive and give handmade gifts made with love, or make decorations for our Christmas table?

Christmas decorations

For all of our crochet expert readers here is a fabulous idea of which (sadly) there are no schemes. It’s about the Christmas tree in fabric that we see on the cover photo, created by yarnfreak-blog.


Of course, we can make a Christmas tree with strips of fabric in several ways. I would do it with synthetic or flexible mesh, like the one we’ve seen in T-Shirt yarn knotted rugs models and How to make T-Shirt yarn fringed rugs and after shaping it I would put some battery-powered lights (so that the cables are not visible). And anyway, if I can’t get it, I could use the lights from last year’s tree if they still work.


These decorations for the Christmas tree can be found in newcrochet´s blog.

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By choosing the representative Christmas colors we can make endless Christmas decorations with fabric, such as baskets, tablecloths and decorations with lights, like the ones we saw in Illuminated fabric accessories.


Of course, we will continue to share more T-shirt yarn decorations for Christmas as there are a lot of different ideas.

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Images: trapillo

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