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This t-shirt yarn bag inspired in Pazzapazza2 is the creation of Yael. This handmade accessory looks amazing in this photograph that he has taken in the Negev desert, as fantastic and creative as the bag itself.

I love this bag because it has a lot of personality and it’s proof of how different our XL crochet bags can be based on our tastes in colors and decorations, which can also be handcrafted.

We’ll also share an idea for those who, like me, still don’t dare to make their own crochet bags, and we could try to make a bag as great as Yael’s decorating the bags we have at home using strips of recycled fabric.

Decorated fabric bags

This idea is inspired by the tutorial of happytogethercreates, where they have decorated a bag in various ways using strips of fabric in different colors and thicknesses. The results are very different, which is why it’s an excellent idea to personalize a bag.


Image Anthropologie via happytogethercreates



Decorations in t-shirt yarn bags

Returning to the t-shirt yarn bags, you’ll see how you can decorate them. The XL crochet bags are not difficult to make, and you can even make a crochet circle and transform it into a bag or make a simple bag

A very modern and original way to decorate a XL t-shirt yarn bag can be found on this mibolkossek’s page Interesting, trendy, with a boho chic style that can be implemented in bags or other crochet fabric.


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Bag decorated with fabric scheme

This colorful fabric bag, besides having a nice decoration, is part of a bag scheme that you can make thanks to popfizzies’ tutorial.


And there are still many more ways to decorate a fabric bag or to decorate our bags with recycled fabric. You can find them in these links (the links do not belong to the images):

A bag decorated with jewelery


A bag decorated with a bow and chain handles


Bags decorated with ribbons or jewelry buttons

Models of decorated bags

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Images: trapillo

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