Decorate recycled pencil holders, vases and jars with T-shirt yarn


A practical use of T-shirt yarn is to decorate pencil holders, vases or line glass jars to make containers for various uses: we can place fresh flowers in them or use them in the kitchen and bathroom. A simple project that doesn’t require much time and with these techniques we can weave useful ornaments in fabric for our home.

T-shirt yarn containers

In this tutorial we can learn to line glass jars and bottles with fabric and thus recover these containers that are no longer used. You can choose the crochet stitches to make it or you can follow this scheme to make these beautiful vases and pencil holders lined with recycled fabric.


Check out the step by step to make recycled vases and bottle covers in this by-ilona link.


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Making containers to store objects is not difficult because first we’ll have to weave the round base (in this case square) and then take the thread from the front to raise the fabric. We then go up straight and finish when we achieve the desired height.

These containers look great in the kitchen, as well as serving up delicacies prepared to the delight of the family.


Here are more recycled t-shirt yarn bottles and other decorative objects that inspire us to create.


This is a great tutorial to make a bottle with a hanging fabric cover. In it we can place fresh flowers as the glass container can be removed to change the water. The instructions for this model can be found in this link from marijkebongers.


More ideas to make useful decorations for the house can be found in Decorating with fabric.

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