Decorate a photo frame with t-shirt yarn and buttons


In T-Shirt Yarn Blog we’ve already given you several ideas to decorate frames with recycled fabric. And we know that if you combine t-shirt yarn with other materials you can achieve a beautiful and original result. If you want to use those small strips of recycled fabric to decorate, check out this post and learn how to decorate a picture frame with t-shirt yarn and buttons.

How to decorate a picture frame with t-shirt yarn and buttons


  • Portrait frame.
  • T-shirt yarn.
  • Buttons.
  • Glue.
  • Other decorations (optional).

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Step by step:

To start, make several t-shirt yarn rosettes of different sizes. You can use several colors or a single color, it all depends on the final look you want to achieve for the photo frame.

Clean the frame well so that you can adhere all the decoration without difficulty.

Determine in advance where you are going to place the fabric rosettes and buttons so you can have an idea of  how the decorated picture frame is going to look and change the design if you wish.

Use glue to adhere the rosettes and buttons to the frame. You can also use other decorations such as crochet flowers (as seen in the image), glitter, small figures, letters, etc.

Wait for it to dry and enjoy your photo frame decorated with t-shirt yarn and buttons.4


What do you think about this idea? You can use it to also decorate window frames or mirrors.

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Images: trapillo

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