Curtains, dividers and tapestries made with macrame or crochet XL


As in the 80s, actually macrame and crochet curtains, room dividers and tapestries trends return but in a different way, since these are tapestries and curtains made with recycled fabric and fabric ropes which give thickness to the knot and creates texture in the fabric.

For those who have basic notions of macrame these curtains are very easy to make, since the fabric strip is tied to the same curtain rod and then you just make the knots, because with the fabric hanging the work is much easier.

Curtains and tapestries with t-shirt yarn


This model of aboutGoodness is very inspiring. We can’t only use it as a curtain but as an ornament or divider and hang pebbles or beads on it, that it’s a very beautiful and delicate complement.


Macrame curtains with fabric strips are much easier to make. We cut the t-shirt yarn according to the measures to make a curtain (you can find this information in macrame curtains with fabric strips) and tied it to the bar with the classic lark knot that is very easy and fast to make,
then begin to knot, making simple or complex knots.

Basic macrame knots

Combining knots and colors we can make room dividers, curtains, tapestries, blankets, bedspreads and everything that our imagination suggests. The tighter the knot the more hours of work and material it’ll take us but the result will be amazing.



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With crochet we can make various types of decorative utilities, whether they are curtains, tapestries or fabric covers.

Macrame tapestries37


Precious macrame tapestries from sallyengland

This is another way to make a room divider with strips of very modern and ecological recycled fabric. An ingenious technique which we can achieve a beautiful result if we do it with patience and care.


I hope these models have been as inspiring for you as they have been for me. I’ve finished making fabric curtains for my house, and I’ll already find a place for a rag curtain made in macrame. is a web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

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Images: trapillo

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