Crochet XL for children and babies


Make XL crochet with T-shirt yarn has the advantage that it acquires volume quickly which is why it’s ideal for knitting rugs, pillows and large pets that will have a fluffy, very pleasant texture. And if we combine colors we´ll achieve fun fabrics for children: balls lined with crochet, baskets for toys, amigurumis, but also fabric and the most diverse items, handcrafted creations made by creative weavers.

Today we’ll share XL crochet ideas for children.

XL crochet faric

We are talking about XL fabric because when weaving with T-shirt yarn its volume increases a lot so we can weave quickly, this allows us to create large dolls, rugs, cushions, etc. A very nice sample that we see on the cover is a cushion where the stuffed animals are kept. A very cute and fun idea that we find in kesatuulia.


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In our blog we have seen several models of rugs for children, such as the children’s t-shirt yarn rugs or the white bear rug or the Spiderman rug, but I loved this bear design and I think it wins the prize, because children will surely love it and they will spend a lot of time playing with the little bear that can be hung up, carried from here to there and mounted on its back. We can also use different colors of t-shirt yarn to make our own bear play mat design.

We can knit this bear rug with an English pattern that we can buy at this ravelry link.


Amigurumis xl

Children love XL crochet animals and there are real knitting artists in the world of amigurumis. We recently saw some cushion dolls for children, such as the snake, but we can also weave smaller animals for children to have fun and decorate their bedroom.

How about a pink pig like the one we found in creatiefdrechtsteden?


Another idea to make fabrics with T-shirt yarn for children is to line a ball with crochet. In truth, it is not difficult for those who knit and you can combine the colors you want to achieve a children’s design to suit everyone. For a sample we can take this pilates ball lined with crochet.


If we think of XL fabrics for children, good options are blankets or rugs for children to crawl, but look at what beautiful ideas we found of fabrics for babies:



Blanket to protect the stroller and XL crochet booties.

More ideas to make fabrics for babies using t-shirt yarn or recycled fabric can be found in this link of XL fabrics for babies.

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