Crochet schemes for baskets with lids


You can crochet baskets with lids in several measures to create small boxes to keep objects, like jewelry boxes for example. And for those who have already woven a t-shirt yarn basket this is the next step, making closed containers to organize. Today we´ll share schemes to make them in different models.

Crocheted baskets with lid

These crochet baskets have been woven with wool but they can also be made with fabric or yarn, this goes on the weaver who´s going to make it. These baskets are made with schemes that you can find in the following links.


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You can find the previous pattern in Zoomyummy´s blog 


We couldn’t find an explanatory scheme for this crocheted basket with a lid and an ornament, but you can use it as a sample of the decorations that you can make to a basket with a lid. To open it, just sew wooden beads at the top.


The overall look of these t-shirt yarn baskets with lid that you can find in the blog Sacha-lovetoknit are really nice!. The scheme to make them is free, it’s in Dutch but you can access the tutorial translated in this link

Here we have a pattern to make a crocheted basket with a lid.


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