Comfortable basket for cats and dogs


When it comes to thinking about our spoiled little ones, nothing is enough. For those members of the house that we love so much, pets, we´ve brought an idea from Lvlyblog that you will certainly love. A comfortable basket for cats and small dogs made form fabric, excellent to place in the living room or where pets usually accompany us.

All you need for this project is 1 kg of fabric yarn and a 12 mm crochet hook. You can use 1 or 2 color of yarn. As you can see in the first photo, almost the entire body is made of a single color, and then two rounds of fabric in another shade have been added for the border. We´ve chosen red and black, but you can make your own combination.


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How to weave a basket

Start by making “magic loop” which is the one that doesn´t leave a hole in the center. Make 9 sc stitches.

In the first row, 2 sc in each sc before reaching 18 stitches.

In the second row, 1 sc in each sc from the previous row.

In the third row, 1 sc in each sc from the previous row. In the next, 2 sc repeating 9 times until reaching 27 sc stitches.

The steps to follow are similar, because they follow a fixed pattern. We have left only the first ones in this note, as an example. We invite you to follow the rest of the basket instructions on Lvlyblog and enjoy an extremely useful project.

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Images: trapillo

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