Christmas gifts made with recycled fabric


How lucky will be those who receive these eco-friendly gifts, made with love. This week I´ve been looking for gift ideas for the whole family and especially for men (the most difficult to find). And today we´ll share those ideas to make gifts or give Christmas details to our friends or loved ones.

Scarves or hats

Scarves, hats, gloves, these are all handmade unisex gifts that anyone will appreciate. A woven gift, as traditional and adorable as it is warm, is always a very special gift.



Here you´ll find more ideas to make garments with recycled fabric.



You can find XL knit caps in T-shirt yarn caps and in fun models of recycled fabric caps.

Carpets, rugs, cushions, amigurumis

A rug is a gift that anyone will be delighted to receive and you don’t have to make them in large dimensions.

A rug for the living room is a luxurious gift that anyone will be delighted to knit for a loved one, but if you don’t have time, you can always make a rug to put at the foot of the bed, for the bathroom, etc. Fringed rugs are ideal and can be made by anyone, even if they don’t know how to knit.


Find the best T-shirt yarn for your projects in our virtual store!



Ideas and techniques for small rugs, with hair, with knots, with a home loom or with crochet are found in the category “Rugs“.

Another good idea to knit in a short time and make a special gift: a cushion made of fabric like this one found in montevcmesmo.

Aren’t they precious?


More ideas for making cushions as well as patterns or techniques to make them are found in decorating with fabric.


If the gift is for a child there are many options to give, from a knitted pet to a toy, such as a ball lined in fabric like the one we have seen in the cover for a Pilates ball.

But we have shared many perfect gift ideas, look for these ideas in the crafts section.




Gift details

These details to give away made with T-shirt yarn can be found in Crafts, and you´ll find many more ideas for making economic gifts using recycled fabric in Jewelery or and Baskets.






I wish you all to have fun making gifts, which is anticipating Christmas and making it longer, enjoying giving thinking about the details, colors and styles of the recipient, so the gift is even more special. is a web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

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