Christmas decorations made with t-shirt yarn and recycled fabric


We want to thank ladycrochet for sharing the step by step to make this star -which is really beautiful- and also wish you a very Merry Christmas. Today we have a very inspiring cover photo for crochet lovers but with T-shirt yarn or recycled fabric you can many different crafts, some simpler which can be done with children, and others more complex.

Here we have a beautiful decorative set in XL crochet from flickr and a Christmas star that you can make with ladycrochet´s step by step. Today we´ll also share easy ideas to make Christmas crafts.

Christmas crafts with recycled fabrics

A simple idea that looks great: wrap a fabric strip in a board with nails creating a star. Beautiful, simple and with a very warm rustic style, ideal for Christmas.


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Another simple idea: make t-shirt yarns garlands with tassels or pompoms. This is a low complexity project that you can make with children, who will learn to make tassels or pompoms.


Tassel garland on etsy

Here we have more ideas to decorate with recycled fabric that you can check out by clicking on the links. In some cases, you´ll find more information, images or tutorials to be able to make them.


Wire and fabric Star by ohboutdufil


Macrame stars


Santa Claus and Christmas Wreath in XL Crochet by trapoePano


This garland with bells is adorable, but there is little time left to decorate, so why not create some XL crochet stars?


I really liked all the ideas we have shared but certainly some projects are more difficult than others. For crochet experts it won´t be a big challenge to make the stars, but for those who have not yet started in the world of XL crochet can either make the star with strips of fabric on a table (as we saw at the beginning) or search here more ideas to decorate with t-shirt yarn.

Enjoy decorating for Christmas! is a web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

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Images: trapillo

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