Chain Braid: The easiest method to make a crochet rug


Here you have the easiest method to make a crocheted rug that seems to be made with braids and is simply created by making chains with fabric strips and a crochet needle. There is no crochet stitch easier to make and can even be knitted with your hands.

This is a very quick way to make easy rugs, for all those who have not yet made their recycled fabric rug. It’s really simple and the result is great.

Crocheted carpets with braided chains

This is a great idea to make a rug and as we see in the finished rug the chain once sewn remains as a braid.


Start by making the initial knot and then make chains with the entire strip of fabric.



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Once you have the long chain (as long as you want) roll it and sew it, so you don’t see the seams.


This way you can create an easy-to-make and beautiful recycled fabric rug, especially if you make it with several colors of t-shirt yarn.


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Images: trapillo

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