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Elegant ruffled scarf


If fashion is your thing but you don´t want to spend more money in clothes your´e reading the right post. To wear a distinguished accessory be sure to make this elegant ruffled scarf that we share with you today, thanks to a onegoodthingbyjillee´s idea. Continue reading


T-shirt yarn sandals


Want to know how to make beautiful sandals with t-shirt yarn? Keep reading!

Another DIY project you can create with T-shirt yarn are the sandals that you see in the cover image. You can make the same ones following a few simple steps. You´ll need some old sandals, glue, scissors, a scalpel, strong glue and a fabric that you like from a shirt that you no longer use. Continue reading


T-shirt yarn garments and sweaters decorated with fabric strips


Garments woven with fabric strips can be used both in summer and winter. The tighter the stitch the warmer it is and viceversa, achieveing a fresher piece for a mid-season.

Today we are going to admire artisan work made with recycled fabrics of original confection and innovative design: beautiful creations in garments with fabric strips to wear. Continue reading


How to make a hairband with recycled fabric


Beautiful, youthful and trendy, today, you’ll see how to make this accessory that looks great just using recycled fabric. You can do it with different colors or use a multicolored print like the one you see on the cover photo. Adorable, very easy to make and ideal to give as a gift. Continue reading


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portada_trapillo  is our main website.

We are located in Spain and we sell t-shirtyarn since 2010, 10 years right now.

We sell in 20 countries during this years , we sell in whollesalle mode an in retail mode.

We have 2 roll type :

the big one , with 13 cm in diameter and between 600 and 900 gr (depending on the yarn weight)trapillo-6628

, and the small one 10 cm in diameter and between 250 to 350 gr.


The T-shirtyarn is a recycled product and it is always diferent, we have uploaded to the website more than 7000 diferent colors during the years.

We sell crochet hooks, purse frames or handles too, but our main product is the T-shirtyarn

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You can also contact us in the wasap or telephone number +34 660 05 64 75

If you have a shop and do you want sell t-shirt yarn , please tell with us, we have afordable prices to you.