Blankets, furniture and functional objects made with Amarradito´s technique


A blanket made with Amarradito´s technique looks great and isn´t difficult to make. And like furniture and other objects for a house that we´ll see today that are made simply by tying fabric straps, so they can be made with various fabrics that you already have at home.

Let’s see what we can create with “the tied technique”: armchairs, covers, puffs, rugs and much more… we can actually create everything we can imagine and translate it into our own design.

Furniture made with Amarradito´s technique


Little Garden Bouquet chair by Tokujin Yoshioka

We have seen Amarradito´s technique several times on the blog and it can be made with different base materials. This technique can be found in: How to make a rug with burlap (step by step), “Amarraditos” carpets by Paranoarte, Another easy way to make fringed carpets and How to make a carpet stitch with a needle threader.

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Furry pouf by Kaluamapresentes



Jmtapetesartesanias t-shirt yarn poufs


To make Amarradito´s technique we can use as a base a flexible grid mesh, a piece of burlap, used rugs, fabrics, market bags (especially those that come with holes) it all depends on the work we want to do.

Here we have a step by step of the technique using a bag.


Creations with Amarradito´s technique


Bench and lamp by Diariodonordeste



Modern armchair-pouf (recycled fabric)


Bath set


Cushion flower by guiadacasa is a web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

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Images: trapillo

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