Beautiful necklace with beads and flowers


Would you be surprised if we told you that with just the sleeves of a shirt you can create an amazing fashion accessory? Surely, if you are already a follower of our blog, no. Once again, with T-shirt yarn and a little bit of work, you can create a beautiful necklace with beads and flowers, worthy of the most chic store in your city.

Thanks to Howjoyful today we´ll share with you a spectacular idea to wear both daily and on special occasions. Making it is very easy. You´ll need soft cotton fabric, round beads or balls of any material, a sewing machine (or needle and thread), ruler, scissors and fabric glue.


Step 1: Cut, from the sleeves of your shirt, strips of fabric of approximately 4 cm. wide. The length depends on how long you want the necklace to be, although to guide you, we cut strips of 35 cm. If you have several strips, you should join them with a seam so that you have a single long strip. Then, fold the single strip crosswise and sew it to make a tube.


Step 2: With a safety pin, turn the tube inside out, so that the seams are inwards.


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Step 3: Now it’s time to create: choose how many beads to put in the tube and how often. To separate them just make small knots between bead and bead. When you’re done, tie the ends of the tube together with a knot or glue.


Step 4: Let’s make the flower. Take another strip of fabric and sew it in zigzag on one side. Then, pull the thread (you’ll see the fabric bunch up). Wrap it around itself in a spiral so that it takes the shape of a flower.


Step 5: Cut out a small circle of felt and glue it over the base of the flower, to make sure it doesn’t peel off. When it dries, stick the flower in the necklace (whatever you want it to be).


Ready! You just have to decide which shirt you are going to wear it with.


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Images: trapillo

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