Baby shower’s bouquet


In the t-shirtyarn blog we are used to give you the best ideas for working with fabric and making the best crafts, in today’s case we are going to share with you an original idea to give a gift at a baby shower: a bouquet of baby clothes.

Bouquets for baby shower

These bouquets are very popular for baby shower gifts, as they are a wonderful way to present small baby items.


  • Basket or box.
  • Small items for baby.
  • Elastic bands
  • Ribbon.
  • Plastic or fabric sheets.
  • Silk paper.

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Step by step:

Start by using small cloth items such as vests, hats, socks, slippers, thin shirts, or bibs. Roll each element up and secure with a rubber band, then simply twist the edges back on itself to make it look like a flower. Do this with each piece.

Put all the items in a box or basket using some tissue paper at the bottom to lift everything up.


Once you’ve arranged the “flowers”, use small sheets of plastic or fabric to separate them and shape the bouquet.

You can include a stuffed animal in your bouquet to improve the decoration.

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Images: trapillo

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