Andrea Brena’s T-shirt yarn furniture

Andrea Brena’s T-shirt yarn furniture

Andrea Brena is an Italian designer who creates recycled fabric furniture and accessories just weaving them with his arms. The technique Andrea has developed is really singular because he designs and creates chairs, rugs and another ornaments only using fabric strips.

Look out to these beautiful and stunning creations made by Andrea Berna.

Andrea Brena’s weaved furniture


Andrea Brena is a designer from Bergamo, Italy, and studied in the Design Academy Eindhoven in Netherlands.

Brena has developed a weaving technique using T-shirt yarn that called “Knitted Army” with which he creates furniture, rugs, cushions and other decorative accessories that weaves with his arms and hands.


Andrea looks for the environment health by using recycled materials surplus of textile fabrics, showing that beautiful and functional objects can be created with this material.

This young man has a great ability, just look the way he weaves using his arms.


This is another creation of Andrea.


In this photo you can see an exposition of the artist, where he shows his works and make a demonstration of his technique.


Source: andreabrena

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