Amigurumi: 2-needle t-shirt yarn lambs


These nice t-shirt yarn lambs are not woven like conventional amigurumis, because first you´ll have to make a flat fabric with garter stitches made with two needles and then sew them and fill them to form the dolls to decorate or for the children to play.

This is an easy way to make t-shirt yarn animals with the step-by-step instructions that lebenslustiger shares.

Two-needle t-shirt yarn lambs

The fabric is made flat with garter stitch, based on the following scheme. Once finished, you´ll have to sew it leaving a hole and filled it with cotton.



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It’s a great idea to weave dolls, because the system is very simple and you don´t need to give the shape to the fabric as in conventional crochet amigurumis.

And so you can make these cute little lambs woven with t-shirt yarn easily, for children to enjoy or to decorate a corner of your house.

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You can read the instructions and see more images of this step by step in this link translated to the original tutorial.

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Images: trapillo

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