Accessories made of T-shirt yarn and chains (products, tutorials and videos)

Accessories made of T-shirt yarn and chains (products tutorials and videos)

T-shirt yarn and chains are a great combination for making jewelry. With these materials you can achieve a piece with the shine of metal and the color of recycled fabric. If you like this idea keep reading, because today we are going to share with you some tutorials and videos to learn how to make accessories with chains and recycled fabric.

Jewelry with recycled fabric and chains

The design at the cover photo is an example of the gorgeous accessories you can make combining T-shirt yarn and chains. You can combine the color of the fabric with the color of the chain, because you can find at the craft store chains in various modern tones.


This orange necklace made by nataliegraf uses various fabric strips connected by jump rings to a chain.



For this model you can use printed recycled fabric. The idea is to make a braid using fabric strips and a chain.


To make it use a clasp with 5 spaces, put fabric strips in 1st, 3rd and 5th position and chains in 2nd and 4th position; then make a braid.



This model in orange and black combines recycled fabric, clasps, chains and rings lined with fabric. To make it you have to braid the fabric strips, connect them to the rings and add the chain.




With fabric strips and chains you can also make beautiful bracelets.


To make this model follow the instructions in this video from jewelrytutorialhq

Images: etsy, nataligraf, mirpiar, jewelrytutorialhq

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