A puzzle rug and other ideas: embroidery with t- shirt yarn


To me embroidery with t-shirt yarn in a piece of fabric is one of the most interesting projects we can do. First because it represents a challenge that we can undertake with courage (it needs a lot of patience) and second because we can achieve wonderful works, to make a very special gift or to decorate our house.

Today we´ll see more ideas of embroidery XL and some suggestions to make this kind of project, although we can’t do it in one day, it can give us the satisfaction of a job well done for our family to enjoy or to make beautiful gifts: carpets, tapestries or decorative pillows.

Embroidered puzzle carpet with t-shirt yarn

A great idea for the optimistic artisan: to finish in a blink of an eye a complex carpet, very decorative and not really difficult to make. Of course, you need patience and relaxation to do this excellent craft work, and enjoy creative evenings to make an original carpet with this step by step super clear and complete.


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You can find the step by step on gorham’s blog.

In addition to the carpet, there are many other projects we can do with this embroidery technique. It can be done on different fabrics and each one can make variations by adding tapestry stitches, which are perfect for backgrounds and simplify the work.

Everyone can make their projects based on their designs, enjoying putting their creativity at stake. If we can embroider with thread and make tapestry stitches on a grid or fabric, we can also embroider with t-shirt yarn, achieving a better coverage of the structure of the base.

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Embroidery with T-shirt yarn


In previous articles I have commented on this stitch to embroider with recycled fabric or t-shirt yarn that catches my attention, because the result is very beautiful and to make the stitch is not complicated at all.

For those who like to draw or copy images to translate them into handmade objects this is a great technique. You can draw on the fabric and then fill the spaces with fabric strips.

The technique for making the embroidered stitch is found in “Stitch to embroider with T-Shirt yarn







Now we know what we can achieve using the embroidery stitch with recycled fabric and it’s a perfect option for those who like to make tapestries or crafts with fabric, or those who were looking for a special technique to work with t-shirt yarn.

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