6 patterns to make fabric bags


What do you need to make a t-shirt yarn bag? Well, you’ll need of course t-shirt yarn, a crochet hook, handles (optional, because you can also weave them) and a crochet handbag scheme that you can make based on your knowledge and experience.

Today we are going to share 6 tutorials to make handbags, each one very different from each other so everyone can choose the one they like the most and start knitting.

Patterns of crochet bags


You can find the pattern for this red bag in sconchtexiles. To download the pattern, you must register on their web.


The pattern of this wonderful handbag is in spanish and you can see it by clicking on this link. To make this you need handles for round bags (acrylic, wood or bamboo).

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You´ll find the pattern for this bag in craftpassion.


The pattern of the round ladycrochet bag is quite simple to make and includes how to knit the handles.


This bag is made by crocheting the thread, with which you’ll wrap the t-shirt yarn. You can see the step by step to make this omakoopa bag in this link.

T-shirtyarn.com is the web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn


You can find the pattern for the bag-cover for the laptop and the mouse in this link.

I hope you like these ideas and choose the one you like best to get down to work and make your own crochet bags.

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Images: trapillo

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