5 models of t-shirt yarn necklaces


In T-Shirt Yarn’s Blog we have shared several ideas for you to make your own jewelry using strips of recycled fabric, so today we are going to show you 5 models of t-shirt yarn necklaces for you to choose and make the one that best suits your tastes and needs.

These necklaces are easy to make and will take you a short time, the best of all is that you can make each model in a different color in order to have variety in your t-shirt yarn jewelry collection.

To make all these models start from the same base, what changes in the end is the decoration and the personal touches you add to each necklace so have T-shirt yarn, scissors, needle, thread, fabric glue and some beads on hand and let´s do this.

T-shirt yarn necklaces

First, cut several strips of fabric of the desired size for your necklace. Use as many strips as you want to give the necklace volume. Keep in mind that the necklace should enter through your head without any problem since these necklaces don´t have any type of clasp to close.

Join all the strips at one end with a knot.

Depending on the model of necklace you want to make, you will change the decoration (in the following images you will see each model:

  • Add beads to some of the strips.
    Make braids.
    Iron the strips to open the fabric.
    Make small knots.
    Combine knots and braids.

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When you have finished the decoration, join the free ends with another knot, then join both knots with some stitches or fabric glue and cover them by rolling a little piece of T-shirt yarn over them to hide them.

Necklaces models

These are the models of necklaces you can create:






Obviously you can adapt the decoration to your tastes, the important thing is that you follow the instructions to make the base necklace and from there your imagination will guide you to create your own models.

Do you like t-shirt yarn accessories? Would you make some of these necklaces?

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Images: trapillo

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