4 Models of crochet scarves


In this article you’ll find four different models of scarves that can be crocheted.

The first model is the rolled scarf. To start knitting this scarf you must make a chain stitch as long as you want the scarf to be plus twice the width you want it to be and then you must knit the entire chain using single crochet stitch. To see the step by step of this project, you can check Weaving Peru’s page.


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The second option is called a lambskin stitch scarf. The first thing you should make is knit a chain stitch that has a length of approximately 15 centimeters (30 to 35 chains approximately), this will be the width of your scarf. Then you have to crochet double stitches until you have a certain length. You will also find this tutorial on the Weaving Peru’s page.


The third model of scarf only needs basic stitches: chain stitch and half or single crochets. To start, make a number that is a multiple of 4 of chain stitches, it’s recommended that it be more than 36. On the page She today you’ll find the step by step to make this beautiful crochet scarf.


And finally, we’ll see how to make this beautiful scarf. You can use plain wool or crochet yarn that is slightly shinier and thinner. The first thing you should do is knit 295 chain stitches. Then, over the chain, you work 15 single crochet stitches, make 5 chains, skip 5, and work 5 half stitches in the next chains. It’s easier than it may sound. To see the instructions to make this beautiful scarf, you can check out the blog Weaving with friends. There you’ll find the detailed process.


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