3 ways to make a non-woven bag


It can take a long time to learn how to crochet a fabric bag but even without knowing how to knit you can also make modern bags with recycled fabric. How? very simple: a t-shirt yarn bag can be made with braids like these models by forumimage. You can make bags using macrame knots or synthetic mesh with which you can achieve beautiful fringe bags with the tied-up technique.

T-shirt yarn bags (sewn braids)

Here you have a simple way to make fabric bags: make a long braid and then sew it as you can see Tips and ideas for rugs with braids which you can also make without sewing with this ingenious method.114

T-shirt yarn bags (macrame)

You can also make a t-shirt yarn bag in macrame either with simple or advanced knots. If you know how to macrame it won´t be difficult to make a simple and beautiful bag like this model from wollfactory.



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Bags (flexible mesh)

Using flexible synthetic mesh you can also make a bag like this model in the same way that you can make a mat and other crafts from recycled fabric. The techniques to make these fringe bags are the ones we have shared on Amarraditos carpets by Paranoarte and How to make a fringed cushion.


This is an excellent way to make an easy t-shirt yarn bag and the “square” is the simplest design of all since you must make a rectangle and then fold it, sew it and add a bag handle.

These are more models of t-shirt yarn bags with fringes by educacaofiscalsm and chineloss.

I love this adorable fuchsia fabric bag with a chain handle.


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Images: trapillo

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