3 easy crafts with T-shirt yarn

3 easy crafts with T-shirt yarn

If you want to make a simple project with recycled fabric just check these ideas, because today we are going to share with you how to make 3 easy crafts with T-shirt yarn. These crafts include: braids for a headdress, a chic vase and baskets made with braids.

Easy crafts with T-shirt yarn

If you want to create a beautiful -and easy- accessory for your hair try to make a braid, sew it and cover the stitches with fabric.




Another easy craft to make with T-shirt yarn is to decorate a vase, just cover a vase with fabric strips to form a modern T-shirt yarn vase.


In case you like to braid fabric strips, you’ll sure want to use them to make a craft, for example these original baskets made sewing various braids.



These are just 3 ideas to work with T-shirt yarn. If you want to check other crafts you can see How to make rings with fabric remnants, How to make T-shirt yarn baskets without sewing or an easy technique with beautiful results: Elegant and simple knot necklaces

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