3 XL patterns to decorate with t-shirt yarn


I love the crochet flower tablecloths (shown in the cover photo) because they protect the table well and are perfect for decorating. Depending on its size we can use them as cup holders or just give them a simply decorative use.

Today we’ll see 3 tutorials (step by step) to make these t-shirt yarn ornaments: crochet little flowers, a hanging pot holder for pots or flowers and a pretty woven crown, an idea to take into account for Christmas because crochet crowns can be decorated with different ornaments.

We share these 3 ideas to decorate with t-shirt yarn crochet ornaments with the links to the instructions to make them at home.

3 ideas to decorate with t-shirt yarn crochet ornaments

Crochet flowers placemat

This turquoise flower table mat is so beautiful that we must be very careful not to burn them, or just make many of them to have in the kitchen and give them different uses, for example as tablecloths, mittens or coasters.

You can learn how to make these t-shirt yarn mats with the lindersverden tutorial.


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T-shirt yarn pot holder

In this holder we can put a glass, a vase, a pot. This is a job that we can find with the step-by-step instructions on helennacc.


See how nice looks with dried flowers in it.


Crochet decorative crown

Crowns are beautiful to decorate at Christmas, but they look good all year round and it’s an ornament that also has a meaning: it symbolizes eternity, the cycle of life, in addition to its religious significance at Christmas parties as Advent wreath.


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It occurs to me that it can be a very beautiful ornament for the holidays and everyone can decorate it to their liking. The crochet pattern reminds me of the hyperbolic crochet of the coral reef project.

You can find the step by step to make the crown crochet in this link to sweetandsimplestuff.

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