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Cómo-hacer-un-broche-con-trapillo-y-una-cremallera (1)

How to make a brooch with t-shirt yarn and a zipper

Cómo-hacer-un-broche-con-trapillo-y-una-cremallera (1)

Accessories that include zippers are very fashionable and this material combined with t-shirt yarn creates a very interesting effect. Today we’ll show you how to make a brooch with t-shirt yarn and a zipper and you can adapt this step by step to create other types of accessories. Continue reading


Simple recycled fabric scarf


If you have t-shirt yarn or a cotton t-shirt that you don’t use, you already have the materials to make a simple scarf. The model that we share with you today is very easy to make and you can have an original scarf by following a few steps. Continue reading


Make jewelry with felt and t-shirt yarn


Using scraps of felt and a little bit of yarn you can create various pieces of jewelry, in this case your imagination is what you need to be able to make the accessory designs that you like the most. In today’s post we’ll show you a necklace and a bracelet created with these materials. Continue reading


Yo-yo decorated cushions


I declare myself a fan of fabric yo-yos as they are a great resource to use the fabric leftovers and also are useful to make an innumerable amount of projects. Today we’ll see cushions decorated with yo-yo, to inspire you to join this trend.

Yo-yo cushions

If you still don’t know how to make recycled fabric yo-yos I recommend that you first practice making some before embarking on any project that includes them. While they are easy to make, it takes some practice to get them as symmetrical as possible which is necessary if you want to use multiple yo-yos. You can see some examples in Ideas for using yo-yos and How to make a yo-yo tablecloth from recycled fabric.

To decorate a cushion with a fabric yo-yo, the first thing you should think about is the design.

From there, choose the most suitable fabric (texture and color) to complement the cushion and then glue or sew the yo-yos to the cushion fabric.

As you can see there are different ways in which you can decorate a cushion with yo-yo, here we have some models:



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You can cover part of the cushion with the yo-yos in simple shapes like lines, rows, or circles.

Similarly, you can choose to cover the cushion completely with yo-yos. Try combining various sizes for a different visual effect!





To achieve a cushion with an original look, go ahead and create designs that include fabric yo-yos either covering the entire cushion or using the yo-yos as a small decorative touch.

What do you think of this idea? Would you decorate the cushions in your house with fabric yo-yos? is a web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

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T-shirt yarn wrapped bracelets


If you have bracelets that you no longer use and want to give them a new look just using a little bit of yarn you can achieve it. Learn how to make these t-shirt yarn wrapped bracelets and have fun creating new jewelry designs. Continue reading


T-shirt yarn earrings models


Don’t know what to do with the leftover fabric scraps? When we work with this material it’s very common at the end to have small pieces that we don’t know how to include in other projects and that’s why on many occasions we discard them. But it’s time to start using those leftovers and that’s why today we’re going to show you some models of t-shirt yarn earrings. Continue reading


Chunky t-shirt yarn bracelet


An easy way to practice XL crochet with strips of recycled fabric is to make pieces of jewelry. The chunky t-shirt yarn bracelet that we share with you today is a very showy and original accessory that you can make by combining colors and with little knowledge of crochet stitches. Continue reading