Monthly Archives: July 2021


Bread basket made with fabric (“accordion” style)


Do you want to share a distinguish table by decorating it when you receive guests to eat? So, you can’t miss this excellent idea from inspicreatives. We suggest you to create an “accordion” bread basket made with t-shirt yarn. In addition to being original and beautiful, it has a good capacity so you can fill it with enough bread for many guests. Continue reading


How to weave a tablecloth on a loom

Cómo-tejer-un-mantel-de-trapillo-en-un-telarIn the kitchen it’s ideal to have small tablecloths on hand in which we can place containers (especially if they are hot), and tablecloths made with t-shirt yarn are ideal for this function. A loom is one of the easiest techniques used when weaving with fabric and that is why today we are going to teach you how to make a simple loom so you can make fabric tablecloths. Continue reading


Tips to knit with T-shirt yarn


The first thing you should do if you want to start knitting with T-shirt yarn is to get large needles. Since T-shirt yarn is wider than regular wool, you’ll need needles with larger hooks. Use plastic or metal needles depending on the fabric with which you made the yarn. If the fabric is tame you can use needles made of plastic, if it’s a little more rustic, those made of metal will work better for you. Continue reading


Recover old chairs using recycled fabric

recuperar-sillas-viejas-con-tela-reciclada-6-226x300Chairs are among the most used objects in the house and it’s common for them to break over time. That’s why today we propose you to recover old chairs using recycled fabric so that you can use your creativity in an extremely useful project, which will save you money and give a personalized touch to your furniture. Continue reading