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T-shirt yarn earrings


When there is little left in the recycled fabric coil we always have the feel that we can make a little art work, and that is true, because we can always make earrings or rings, as there are many models that can be made easily and others that surely we can create with our imagination.

Any crochet, macrame or chinese knots pendant can be made with recycled fabric. And also we can combine it with beads, leather or other recycled materials. Continue reading

Crochet rug “mandala”: step by step


Today we are going to show you a crochet rug “mandala” that is not hard to do and looks beautiful. This is a pattern that you can follow with these detailed directions: ring, chain, slip stitch and double crochet.

Look how beautiful the tutorial we will see today is, thanks to the friendly and creative friends of craft.tutsplus. Continue reading

T-shirt yarn hippie chic necklace tutorial


In some fashion magazines you can find this relaxed and elegant style called “hippie chic“, which is a design style inspired somewhere between the aesthetics imposed by Janis Joplin and Christian Dior respectively.

The truth is that the T-shirt yarn necklace we are going to show you today is simple and an innovative eco design, perfect to wear with casual outfits (jeans or comfortable clothing) and to combine with a stylish clothing for a romantic date. You can learn how to make this T-shirt yarn necklace thanks to craft.tutsplus’s instructions. Continue reading

Ways to make T-shirt yarn cushions

Ways to make T-shirt yarn cushions

This pink pillow is made with sewn fabric braids that were intertwined, but T-shirt yarn cushions can be made in many ways: with frayed fabric strips (like rugs), with crochet XL or decorating a common pillow with strips of cloth.

There are several possibilities to consider when making a cozy corner in our house with T-shirt yarn cushions. Continue reading

Patchwork with T-shirt yarn: rugs

Patchwork with T-shirt yarn rugs

I love these rustic patchwork rugs, maybe because they bring to my mind the patchwork blankets, that are so warm and made with so much love because they carry a great time of manufacture.

These patchwork rugs are a creation of petitepurls who share the step by step to make them using a loom.

Look how cute looks is this work to make it at home with T-shirt yarn. Continue reading

6 ideas to decorate with T-shirt yarn

6 ideas to decorate with T-shirt yarn

If you are looking for ways to decorate with T-shirt yarn, there is no shortage of ideas: crochet lamps, giant pompoms, bags, easter eggs, baskets… well, the decorations you can make with T-shirt yarn are varied and some are also useful, because they help us organize the house and keep it nice and decorated. Continue reading

An easy way to make a T-shirt yarn bag

An easy way to make a T-shirt yarn bag

I would like to make an easy T-shirt yarn bag, but maybe an experienced weaver would say “but all T-shirt yarn bags are easy to make”. Well, not for us, the apprentices that are starting in crochet with and XXL needle.

And like me, I’m sure that you will love this handbag, because it’s super simple to make and it’s very beautiful. Continue reading

T-Shirt yarn bags models

T-Shirt yarn bags models

Many of our friends from T-Shirt yarn Blog make beautiful handbags with this material, we have already seen many models on the web. But the ideas for T-Shirt yarn handbags are neverending and getting some inspiration from other bags is useful for creating modern recycled fabric complements and innovative designs; that’s why today we are going to see various models of T-Shirt yarn bags, handbags and purses with recycled fabric. Continue reading

Clothing with T-Shirt yarn and recycled fabrics

Clothing with T-Shirt yarn and recycled fabrics

Clothes in crochet are always in fashion, but T-Shirt yarn clothing and ornaments with fabric strips are the present in fashion.

Yes, you can decorate garments with T-Shirt yarn, but -like bags- clothes also can be made with crochet or macrame. Let’s have a look at some ideas and videos for T-Shirt yarn garments. Continue reading