10 tutorials to make T-shirt yarn necklaces


These models of necklaces are precious to give away or for us to wear a modern fabric accessory at parties. Just check out one of the models -or all, because they are all very cute- and click the link to see the step by step.

The model of the cover in fuchsia fabric is found with its detailed instructions in abeautifulmess, just look at each one of the models of necklaces and choose your favorite.

How to make a t-shirt yarn necklace

I’ve found several tutorials to make t-shirt yarn necklaces that I would like to share today because none of them seem very difficult to make and they can be perfect for those of us who are looking for ideas to make gifts.

To see the tutorials, click on the link that appear below each image.


Tulle necklace by happytogethercreates

9aT-shirt yarn necklace by naturallyearthfriendly
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Fabric necklace
13Woven necklaces with instructions from brit.co
10Tribal necklace by makeitandfakeit

T-shirtyarn.com is a web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn


Fabric accordion necklace by generation-t
15Chain and fabric necklace at brit.co
7T-shirt yarn necklace with thread and beads by montevcmesmo

Knittiamo’s simple knot necklace

Not easy to decide, right? Well, it’s best to start with the simplest if we don’t have experience or maybe try to make the most elaborated model if we already have worked with t-shirt yarn before. The important thing is to do it calmly and neatly, perhaps adding a clasp for jewelery and in this way -as simple as the model is- we’ll achieve a well finished necklace.

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Images: trapillo

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