XL Amigurumi patterns

Amigurumi XXL patterns

All crochet dolls are adorable, but the XL amigurumis offer great possibilities when knitting: can be made in large sizes and are perfect to make animal shaped cushions or “pets” to give to the kids (or adults that like dolls).

Today we will share this creations in XXL crochet, woven T-Shirt yarn pets, which can be done by following these XL amigurumi patterns.

Amigurumi patterns


This beautiful blue bunny crochet is a creation which a schema that can be found in this link.


There are other woven creations as cute as him, such as these amigurumi turtle.

Unfortunately, this work in flickr doesn’t have any patterns, but you can see the diagrams to make this sweet pup.


Ladycrochet is a fantastic blog that shares several XXL crochet patterns to work with T-Shirt yarn, like these cute little fish.


Coming soon, we will share more ideas and schemes to make amigurumis.

For XXL crochet patterns click on the links below each photo.

Cover Images: flickr and fljuida

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