Wrapping gifts with t-shirt yarn


If a birthday, a wedding or a special occasion has come your way and you have decided to give a gift, surely you have made an effort to get something that the recipient likes but… have you thought about the packaging? Presenting a gift is extremely important because it’s the first thing we see when we receive it. Therefore, today we bring you different ideas for wrapping gifts with fabric. It’s an inexpensive and original resource that’s very beautiful when giving a special touch to gifts.

A very creative mom post in her blog Choosetothrive this excellent idea on how to make gift bows. The only thing you’ll need for this project is a pair of scissors and some old t-shirts or fabric. If you don’t have yarn made, then we’ll show you how to make it yourself.


Making T-shirt yarn ties:

  • Cut in the width direction one-inch strips of fabric and the length of the shirt.
  • Pull the ends of each piece of fabric outward so that the strips wrap around themselves into threads.


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Wrapping the presents:

We bring you two different options to assemble your packages, although surely you’ll think of others.

The first consists of taking 4 strips of fabric (they can be of different colors or the same color) and knotting them around the corners as seen in the photo. This technique is ideal for square or rectangular gifts, for example those that come in cardboard boxes.


The second alternative is good for gifts that are difficult to wrap, such as those with a rounded shape. You simply have to join the 4 ends of the paper at the top and then tie the end with the amount of T-shirt yarn ribbons that you want.


What did you think of these ideas?

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