Woven grid for fringed carpets


For every problem, there is always a creative solution. What can you do if you want to make a fringed t-shirt yarn carpet but don’t have a grid to use as a base? Well, this friend has found the solution so you can make a grid to make carpets with wool or thread, just knotting the strips of fabric in it.

Woven grid for carpets

As we said, in this article you’ll see how you can solve the problem of not having a grid to make a fringed carpet with fabric strips.

Here you can see models of knotted carpets.


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The main idea is to weave a crocheted grid or weave several nettings and join them to make an extra large carpet. A perfect solution to a common problem: not finding a suitable grid to make the beautiful fringed t-shirt yarn carpets.


After making the woven base, knot the tires in each of the stretches of the homemade carpet grid. The result is a 100% handmade carpet that looks nice and is very useful.


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Images: trapillo,  liveinternet

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