What to do with T-Shirt yarn braids?


Usually, in the first contact with recycled fabric, the first thing we do is make T-Shirt yarn braids; because it’s very fun to match the colors and achieve something beautiful. But what uses can we give to a recycled fabric braid?


T-Shirt yarn braids

With T-Shirt yarn braids you can make bracelets, hair bands, belts and other kind of jewelry and accessories. The uses you can give to these braids are very varied, for example, you can make coasters and tablecloths, just simply wrapping the spiral braid and sewing it from behind.

recycled fabric-300x186

With the same technique we can make fabric baskets to match the coasters.

recycled fabric-1-214x300

But besides small household accessories, with T-Shirt yarn braids you can do huge decoration accessories such as rugs.


In this case the T-Shirt yarn is braided in long thick strips and sewn along with a sewing machine, leaving the t-Shirt yarn fraying at the ends.


T-Shirt yarn braids have endless uses. With them you can make or repair toys.


Other practical uses are: making corsages, hold curtains, decorate pencils, renovate sandals… and whatever your imagination suggests.


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