What is T-Shirt Yarn?


T-Shirt yarn is recycled fabric, and there are two types:

  • T-Shirt yarn done at home by recycling t-shirts.
  • T-Shirt yarn you can buy in textile factories (from recycled material).

Both t-shirt yarns are recycled fabric, but the yarn you can find in textile factories -that comes in rolls– are strips of cloth that are ideal for knitting or doing crochet. With a roll of t-shirt yarn you can create the most diverse crafts: jewelry, accessories, clothing, home furnishings, utilities, handmade toys, and so on.

T- Shirt yarn is really easy to work, is economical, ecological and very beautiful; for it is so fashionable. With a roll of this material and free time to create, there are many crafts that can be done, using a crochet hook size or using just your hands.


How is t-shirt yarn?

T-Shirt yarn comes in solid colors, in many different shades, and a diversity of prints: elegant, funny or striking (for all tastes, styles and ages); and also has a nice texture depending on the fabric from which it was produced.


Some fabrics are satin, some opaque, others come with hair or threaded, others come with seams or decorations, etc. T-Shirt yarn is as varied as the variety of fabrics that may exist in a textile factory.


What is used t-shirt yarn for?

T-Shirt yarn has a variety of uses. From a simple braid that can be done with plain colors or combination of colors and prints you can make a belt, bags, jewelry accessory, crocheted rugs, amigurumi dolls or baskets for home.



And there is a variety of handmade creations that you can do that are as beautiful as modern, here we have a few examples:



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