Ways to make t-shirt yarn bracelets


With crochet, knots or simply wrapping the fabric in homemade bases for bracelets you can get handmade, splendid and very varied t-shirt yarn bracelets for all tastes. This beautiful model from inanadesigner is crocheted, but today you’ll see more ways to make bracelets using recycled fabric.

Recycled fabric bracelets


This original bracelet made with wire and t-shirt yarn is an idea of luulla and it’s truly a beautiful, very inspiring handmade creation. The t-shirt yarn can be combined in many ways to make bijou to which we can add pieces of custom jewelry, pendants, closures and other supplies for bracelets.


We found this beautiful chicplace bracelet in saako, where there’s a wide variety of very elegant t-shirt yarn jewelry.


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In this work  helloitsmekikidee  used fabric strips to wrap old bracelets.


A creation with a very careful finish is this mhochblog bracelet that has a beautiful old gold brooch with a small leaf.


This bracelet is very easy to make, and you can find the step by step project in scmidt girl’s blog

These are inspiring ideas to make bracelets or other jewelry with t-shirt yarn, combining colors, brooches, pendants, charms or the elements that you have at home to make your own creations with t-shirt yarn.

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Images: trapillo

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