Vintage style with t-shirt yarn


Costume jewelery, accessories and vintage garments are so feminine and beautiful that they don´t go out of fashion, and you can also make vintage pieces with fabric to create a romantic and delicate bijou. But how to combine the t-shirt yarn to achieve complements or vintage jewelery?

Vintage t-shirt yarn

In the cover image that shares Highlandfairy have combined t-shirt yarn with different elements to achieve a very beautiful and original vintage handmade choker. But you can also combine recycled fabric with many other materials to make look alike Victorian romantic accessories.


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This model of Remadesimpleblog is very beautiful and simple with a nostalgic look of past times and it was made only using recycled fabric and an antique button.

In the same link you can also see other original models of vintage costume jewelery with t-shirt yarn.


Not only necklaces or bracelets made with recycled fabrics vintage style can be found. An adorable creation of Voodooons shows us that with creativity and good taste you can achieve boho style vintage garments combining recycled knotted macramé fabrics, seams and jewelery details.

IMG_5039-624x936 is a web with a great variety of T-shirt yarn

I recommend you to check out this page to see several images of this blouse model made with fabric, lace and many other elements that combine perfectly.


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Images: trapillo

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