Useful and decorative ideas with crochet XL


Every person who likes to decorate tend to follow a previous step: organize. And if you can organize and decorate with fabric the scenario will be complete and you can also de-stress and have fun using the crochet needles.

Surrounding yourselves with beautiful and handmade objects makes your home a pleasant space for the family and I believe that is the best motivation for those who create these objects. Today you’ll see beauty and functionality in these useful and decorative objects made with t-shirt yarn.

Decorative and utilitarian objects in crochet XL

A magazine rack in crochet XL, as beautiful as original, is a perfect idea to recycle an old magazine or book holder and doesn’t seem hard to make.


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Crochet magazine rack by knitandlove

The crochet works of this blog are always original. For some people where to store plastic bags is a problem and here we have a good solution. The bags leave from below and you can place them above to organize them.

Personally I think we should stop using plastic bags (because of the environmental problem they represent) but without a doubt this idea -for those who use them- is really good and is an object very decorative for the kitchen or where you’ll use it.


Organizer for plastic bags by helenacc

If you don’t have mittens to use in the kitchen, this is a good option to coat a pan handle that gets too hot.

It is useful and original, isnĀ“t it?


A protector for a pan by paperblog

A good option to organize the toilet paper and have it always at hand. This idea is very creative, practical and also decorative. Congratulations!


A paper holder by zapsartesanatos

Which of the ideas did you like best? Be sure to leave your comment with your ideas, variations and work in crochet XL.

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Images: trapillo

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