Tutorial: T-shirt yarn square rug

Tutorial T-shirt yarn square rug

To make this beautiful T-shirt yarn square rug you only need 1 ½ Kg of T-shirt yarn and a XL crochet hook, in this tutorial we are going to show you the stitches you must use to make a medium size rug with a gorgeous design.

This is a tutorial created for weavers with medium experience, so, if you have some crochet skills is going to be really easy for you to follow the instructions in order to make the rug.

T-shirt yarn square rug

To make this T-shirt yarn rug (Alice T model) start by doing 43 chain stitches.


Then, continue weaving and make 3 chain stitches to make the bars in order to create holes in the weave and reach a “fretwork” appearance.


When you reach 2 columns leave 2 empty stitches and repeat the procedure following the tutorial, in this way you can achieve a diagonal weave, as you can see in the image below.



This kind of weaving is not really difficult, and if you have experience working with crochet you can follow the tutorial step by step. This rug has an interesting final design with diagonal bars that create volume in the weave.

You can see the full tutorial at the source in the end of the article.

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Source: nousevamyrsky

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