Template to make a bracelet with braids



This is an excellent way to make a t-shirt yarn bracelet, it’s simple and can be done by combining different colors to match with different garments. The result is very pleasant to see and touch because of the texture created with the t-shirt yarn.

How can you make it? First, do a simple braid with 3 fabric strips and then follow the knot template to give it the shape.

Knot diagram for braided bracelet

I have already seen this bracelet model made with rope, but I loved this idea to do it with a t-shirt yarn braid. It’s much warmer and softer to the touch and you can also combine several colors.

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To make this bracelet you’ll need a pipe, a can, a straight glass or any cylinder object that has the diameter with which you want to make the bracelet. The rest is to look at the chart and follow the steps to learn the knot.

Here is the graph for the knot:


A creative work, with a very interesting result. I found this scheme and the image of the bracelet in a forum, where one of its members has been kind enough to share it.

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Images: trapillo

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