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Models and patterns to make crochet hearts

Models and patterns to make crochet hearts

There are several ways to make a crochet heart: flat, with volume or empty (to fill it and make a cushion, for example). Today we are going to share a few ways to make crochet hearts, so you can choose the technique that fits your needs.

Here we have different crochet hearts with various grades of difficulty that you can follow step by step and make a crochet heart to decorate your home or to make an original gift. Continue reading

An easy way to make a T-shirt yarn bag

An easy way to make a T-shirt yarn bag

I would like to make an easy T-shirt yarn bag, but maybe an experienced weaver would say “but all T-shirt yarn bags are easy to make”. Well, not for us, the apprentices that are starting in crochet with and XXL needle.

And like me, I’m sure that you will love this handbag, because it’s super simple to make and it’s very beautiful. Continue reading

Cute T-Shirt yarn shoes: comfortable and easy!

Cute T-Shirt yarn shoes comfortable and easy

In previous posts we have shown you how to make shoes with T-Shirt yarn, and today we will share a simple procedure to make this padded pair of sandals, for use at home or to take to the beach or spa. The technique is performed on the basis of fabric sewn braids and the result is truly beautiful. Continue reading

Simple ideas for decoratig with T-Shirt yarn

Ideas t-shirt yarn

This decorated cushion made with T-Shirt yarn in the proof that you don’t need to think in elaborated works to decorate with recycled fabric. With good taste and a little help to inspire us, there are a lot of cute details we can do to our home.

Today, we are going to show you some ideas for decorating with T-Shirt yarn. Continue reading