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Crochet XL: Stitches to make a basket for bread


In crochet XL, Pernille from Pescno has woven a precious basket for bread and teaches how to do it in this tutorial. Believe it or not, this is her first work using fabric so we send her our most sincere congratulations, because besides being perfect, she has been kind enough to share the step by step for this basket using t-shirt yarn. Continue reading

Make coasters with t-shirt yarn and a rack


With this procedure you can make these beautiful coasters using fabric strips, a rack, a wooden stick and a large eye needle. Craftpassion shares this technique with a fantastic tutorial. It’s a very useful step by step with a beautiful result, ideal for making decorative utilities for the home. Continue reading

How to make a Mayan loom


A few days ago in our blog we shared how to use the Mayan loom to weave with t-shirt yarn and today you’ll see how to make this type of loom. With a Mayan loom you can make a large variety of beautiful and original weaving. Take some basic carpentry materials and tools (like board, nails, a saw) in order to make your own loom to put into practice the stitches you have learned. Continue reading

Schemes of t-shirt yarn baskets with handles


T-shirt yarn baskets with handles have a lot of uses, either for decoration or to organize objects to maintain order in your house. You can use this kind of baskets for toys (so the children can easily carry them from one side to another), for dirty clothes, for sewing objects, etc. Anyway… each person can give the t-shirt yarn baskets the utility they like and at the same time keep their home clear and tidy using a beautiful object made with crochet and recycled fabric. Continue reading

How to put hand grips in a bag

How to put hand grips in a bag

If you have in mind to make a T-shirt yarn bag you must know that there are various kinds of hand grips that you can use on it (rigid and flexible), also, you need to know that there are different ways to put them in a bag, depending on the model and material of the hand grip.

If you want to know how to put hand grips in a bag, just check this tutorial made by nellavaligiadellaburu,that explains different ways of how to put hand grips. Continue reading

Crochet rug “mandala”: step by step


Today we are going to show you a crochet rug “mandala” that is not hard to do and looks beautiful. This is a pattern that you can follow with these detailed directions: ring, chain, slip stitch and double crochet.

Look how beautiful the tutorial we will see today is, thanks to the friendly and creative friends of craft.tutsplus. Continue reading