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T-shirt yarn ombré rug


It’s not a secret that t-shirt yarn is a very versatile material with which we can carry out an infinity of projects, and in this blog more than once we’ve shared various tutorials and techniques to make rugs. Today we are going to show you this excellent idea that’s very fashionable: a T-shirt yarn ombré rug. Continue reading

Creative bracelet knitted with fingers


I bet everyone has tried to knot pieces of recycled fabric to make fabric bracelets without using needles. Today you’ll see one of the techniques that pengepiso uses, where they show a step by step to make a fabric bracelet with your fingers, very simple to follow. Continue reading

Craft ideas with T-shirt yarn


Handcrafting with t-shirt yarn supports a wide variety of techniques such as crochet, two-needle weaving, loom and macramé braiding, but there are still many more ideas to create with recycled fabric. For example, with wooden beads you can make these key rings with dolls to give away or make simple decorations for your house. Continue reading

Stitches to make T-shirt yarn rugs with a grid

Stitches to make T-shirt yarn rugs with a grid

There are so many ways to make rugs and placemats with T-shirt yarn and their difficulty depends on your abilities in various techniques. An easy method is to create stitches using a grid. The rug at the cover photo, made by Paula Corley, is one of the models of rugs with recycled fabric you can achieve with this technique. Continue reading

Braid of 4 strips

4 strips braid

If you are a beginner using T-shirt yarn you must start practicing with easy projects, one of them is to create accessories with a braid of 4 strips, like these beautiful belts that deliacretaes shares with us.

With a T-shirt yarn braid you can make hair accessories and bracelets, and using a group of braids you can achieve bigger projects like rugs, tablecloths and functional items for your home. Continue reading

How to weave T-shirt yarn with 2 needles

How to weave T-shirt yarn with 2 needles

When you are learning crochet with 2 needles generally the first job you make is a scarf, that’s why to make a T-shirt yarn rug or tablecloth with this technique is really easy, the only difference is that you must use a pair of big needles and the stitches must be large.

You can use any scheme of weaving with 2 needles to make a T-shirt yarn rug, and this way you can practice this kind of weaving. Continue reading

How to weave a necklace with your fingers: step by step

How to weave a necklace with your fingers step by step

To make these beautiful necklaces you must braid the fabric strips with an easy and at the same time original technique using just your fingers. Today we are going to share this tutorial made by nellavaligiadellaburu to show you how to weave a necklace with your fingers. Continue reading

Variations in fabric and rope baskets

Variations in fabric and rope baskets

Handmade rope and fabric baskets are among the oldest techniques of basket weaving with recycled fabric, but today the work is easier because we have large rolls of fabric strips. These handmade baskets are very beautiful and rustic, a perfect choice to use at home as a decorative utility. With this technique, as you can see, you can make bags, mats and other accessories. Continue reading

How to put hand grips in a bag

How to put hand grips in a bag

If you have in mind to make a T-shirt yarn bag you must know that there are various kinds of hand grips that you can use on it (rigid and flexible), also, you need to know that there are different ways to put them in a bag, depending on the model and material of the hand grip.

If you want to know how to put hand grips in a bag, just check this tutorial made by nellavaligiadellaburu,that explains different ways of how to put hand grips. Continue reading

How to make fabric baskets using a sewing machine

fabric basket

One of the most beautiful uses for recycled fabric strips is making baskets you can use at home, because they are really cute and useful. To this fact, we can add that these baskets are easily made using a sewing machine. That is an advantage, because you can make them fast, design them at your pleasure and create a perfect gift. Continue reading